Simone Bombari

I21.O1.113 Am Campus 1 Klosterneuburg, 3400

Hello curious Google searcher! I am Simone Bombari, and this is my website! :muscle:

It’s still quite lame right? Will get more interesting in some time, I promise! :sunglasses:

I am a PhD student at IST Austria, happy and lucky to be supervised by Professor Marco Mondelli. I really enjoy the following research topics

  • Theoretical Machine Learning
  • Information Theory
  • High dimensional Statistics

Before joining IST Austria I studied Physics at Scuola Normale Superiore and University of Pisa, where I mostly focused on Quantum Information Theory and Statistical Physics. Then, my passion for modelling and statistics led me to change field, and to approach the interesting (and weird) world of Machine Learning!

Of course, I’m much more than just a PhD student in theoretical ML. I have a deep passion for sports, fitness, games and many other things! I will share some fun stuff about that too! :soccer:


Feb 7, 2022 Finished my long internship at AWS! Back as a full time PhD student at IST! :austria:
Aug 16, 2021 Starting my internship at Amazon Web Services! :package:
Jan 1, 2021 Set up this website! I’m currently a first year PhD student at IST Austria! :robot: